Europa League Final Reaction: Sevilla beats Roma on penalties | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas, Stewart Robson, Shaka Hislop, Ale Moreno and Gab Marcotti break down Sevilla’s victory against Roma to capture the UEFA Europa League title for the 7th time.

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41 thoughts on “Europa League Final Reaction: Sevilla beats Roma on penalties | ESPN FC

  1. What they need to do to make extra time more fun is remove players. They do that in Hockey. Remove one for the first 15 minutes. Another one for the next 15 minutes and you open up the filed a bit. Could make it more fun to watch.

  2. UEFA needs to do investigation on Anthony Taylor. It was obvious he took Sevilla sides by not giving a penalty to Roma on the second half and also the repeat penalty on the shootout after Rui blocked the ball from the Sevilla player. UEFA needs to take this very seriously.

  3. Roma needs to upgrade this poor squad and bring more quality players if they want to keep mourinho as their manager and win titles . Even their key players like smalling , matic , dybala and abraham are not very competetive and get injured very often along the season .

  4. I'm convinced that in the Europe League knockouts, Sevilla can beat a best XI of Man City and Madrid players. Courtois, Walker – Dias – Rudiger – Ake; Rodri – Modric – KDB; Vini – Haaland – Bernardo got NO CHANCE against Sevilla in UEL. The football Gods are on Sevilla's side.

  5. Think you can place your bet on Sevilla winning Europa League next season, cos in the champions league they will finish 3rd in the group. It’s the most bizarre club to always win by the time another final comes.

  6. I hope the CL final is different from this. Roma and Sevilla were just so bad. On the other hand Man City and Inter both can play attacking football when needed and can hurt each other. There were times the Roma-Sevilla just looked like a midweek match for teams fighting relegations not European Final match

  7. Extra time are important but it should only be after both sides agree to it. If one wants to play extra time then they play it. How many extra time goals are scored when the opposition is playing with ten men which encourages the other team to attack. If there's no extra time teams can just get players sent off then rely on penalties after 90 minutes.

  8. Unfair to act as if Europa League wins have same equivalence as old UEFA Cup wins, especially 20th century UEFA Cup wins. To put it in perspective, the likes of Baggio and Brazilian Ronaldo played regularly in the old UEFA Cup, the standard of teams was much, much higher. Sevilla are flat track bullies who’ve won the equivalent of several Cup Winners Cups, no more, no less.

  9. Premier League being the best league according to English fans
    But the most Europe cups have been won by The Spanish
    Real Madrid 14 times UEFA Champions League winner

    Sevilla 7 times UEFA Europa League
    Without the oil money help !

  10. Jose Mourinho and AS Roma did a good job considering the quality and depth of their squad. I disagree that after the goal Roma refused to play, I think the lingering injury problems for their top players reduced the intensity.

  11. English referees are mediocre. Anthony Taylor just hates Mourinho. Penalty directly to Sevilla and VAR adjust his decision but at the handball Oliver decided to not intervene. VAR also intervene at Rui Patricios encrochement in penalties. Erik Lamela should have been sent off twice, also it was a red card for Rakitic. Stewart Robson, Alejandro Martinez and Gabriele Marchotti hates the portuguese coach. Bellotti has zero goals this season in Serie A. Abraham is a shadow of player which scored 27 times last season. With all the ridicoulos decisions in Seria A against Roma Gab thinks he had a chanse for the top four finish. He knows better that in Italy the referees has an agenda against Jose & Roma. Why for Argentina that handball was a penalty but for Roma no. Look how many times in english football that handball has been punished with spot kick. Anthony Taylor is a disgrace. Just remember his absurd decision in the final of second edition of UEFA Nations League France – Spain. He should be banned for life from international football. ESPN FC analysts and pundits never change with their bias coments. For this bunch of incapables Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and many more doesn't count, but their mission and mportant for them is only to hail Lionel Messi and Money FC clubs coach Pep Guardiola.