GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Roma 1-1 (1-4PENS) Sevilla

Mark Goldbridge best bits as Sevilla win the Europa League against Roma

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40 thoughts on “GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Roma 1-1 (1-4PENS) Sevilla

  1. I had to turn it off because of the actions of the players and the benches. Diving and rolling around from the first minute, surrounding the ref and the benches flying off their seats with every foul. If I was Taylor I would have slapped one of them

  2. The referee gave them unnecessary yellow cards and ruined AC Roma's balance, I wished Roma to win this game but, to be honest Sevilla played much better football Roma had a lack of finishers Tammy Abraham fell maybe 10 times in this game and Bellotti sucks.

  3. I think you overreacted and criticised Anthony Taylor wrongly because you’re still angry that Sevilla knocked united out. First off, that wasn’t a penalty and Patricio was off the line and the penalty needed retaking. The defender’s hand was away from his body. If that was against United, you will be praising the ref. It was a great day and Sevilla deserved to win. I like JM as a coach but your calling out the ref was unfair

  4. sorry but mark looks like an idiot for that roma penalty claim. arm is very clearly by his side and if u know the rule then its obviously not a penalty. hes just bitter

  5. Blaming the ref when Mourinho and his coaching staff acted embarrassingly from the first second.
    They made the game hard to watch and impossible to referee.

    It’s always easy and popular to blame the ref, what what about the embarrassing behaviour of these grown men? Ridiculous