Sevilla beat Roma to win the Europa League

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Sevilla are the Europa League champions for the 7th time after they defeated Roma on penalties in the 2022/23 final.

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37 thoughts on “Sevilla beat Roma to win the Europa League

  1. Roma had the best chances and should have won in the 90 minutes. scored an own goal an had a massive chance with Tammy and one with Smalling. penalty for Roma not given, penalty given to Sevilla, it was not a penalty. 2nd yellow to Rakitic not given, Ibanez broken lip from Lamela should have been a red card. I guess they did try hard to make Sevilla win this time and they succeed.

  2. It's rude that referee taylor is in charge on the budapest pitch, I am outraged at what taylor did and took away the trophy from Jose Mourinho. Matic's shot hit fernando's left wing but taylor was determined not to give as roma a penalty. Referee taylor's acts as a farce have stolen Jose Mourinho's europa league trophy

  3. THE secret was the terrible referree who should be banned from international football… Clear penalty, only yellow cards for Roma and no red card for Lamela… a joke, what a shame for football…

  4. Sevilla played better! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ffs they haven't even scored a goal it was an own goal by Mancini.
    Not a single post match show is talking about the Sevilla handball in the box . A clear penalty given in top 5 leagues.
    Anthony Taylor may have as well worn a white jersey and the outcome have not changed a little bit. Biased refree.

  5. Jose Mourinho n Roma were kind of robbed….should be awarded a penalty… feel very injustice for them…as e Referee was quite harsh on Roma players…but credit to Sevilla….they won it 7 times since 2006!!! What an achievement for them!!!

  6. UEFA just NEEDS to stop assigning big games n Finals to these English referees … The 1st Roma goal should've never stood coz of that blantant spank middle of the pitch foul b4 the pass to Dybala … 2nd half he doesnt spot yet another mistake wen Bono actually makes a great save n Roma were denied of a corner kick to attack … n then again minutes after, awareds a wrongful penalty to Sevilla ❗ … n that's discounting atleast 11 -12 glaring wrong decisions in the game … Good job by Sevilla they equalised to save that refrees innumerable mistakes … When will UEFA ever open its eyes to see that English referees are true dog sh*t n stop giving them big cup finals just 4 the sake of neutrality without clearly the most basic refreeing skills ❓❓ ..